Erik Hijweege

Erik Hijweege (1963) decided to follow his heart and became a photographer in 1998. Since then he has been working on personal and commissioned work.

For his first long term personal project Hijweege went to Africa with a mobile studio to photograph the African San, Herero's and Albino's. These expeditions through the Kalahari Desert and Senegal resulted in 'Noir'. This series was not only awarded numerously but also led to his first museum exhibition and monograph. Noir also initiated a long-term project providing suntan oil for the Senegalese Albino's carried out by the African Albino society. 

Erik started chasing big weather and tornadoes in 2006. This resulted in his first international solo show in New York and the Supercell book. As storm chasing has its peak in the spring/summer season Hijweege started an extra project. This time focusing on his small native country, Holland. In 2012 the Netherlands photographed as a miniature took centre stage in his book Holland. This series also resulted in awards as well as shows in Holland and Russia. 

Since 2013 Hijweege has been using the 19th century wet plate collodion process for his personal work. Two projects with this old technique were started simultaneously. The first project portrayed people with facial disorders. The fragility of the glass ambrotypes added an extra dimension to this series. As a result his first book of collodion positives 'Een eigen Gezicht' was published.

The second project with glass positives also focused on a fragile subject matter. Based on the IUCN Red List Hijweege photographed 23 endangered species preserved in ice. 'Endangered' was exhibited at the Natural History Museum in Holland raising a lot of awareness for this important subject. The 'Endangered' book was published in 2014.

Next to all these projects Erik Hijweege continued working on capturing the grandeur of natural forces. Supercells, geysers, waterfalls, huge strangling trees and the insignificance of man are all part of his latest Sublime Nature project. This long-term project is still work in progress.

From 19 March to 7 May 2016: ‘Sublime Nature’ by Erik Hijweege in our gallery  => More information

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